F7 Profile


F7 Consult – Socio-environmental Planners and Facilitators – is an international specialized company established in Copenhagen. We provide analyses, advice and facilitation


Goal and Principles

Our goal is to create value for our clients, their partners and beneficiaries. Therefore, we employ an integrated approach understanding plans, projects and programs in their wider context. In our work we depart from overall objectives and focus on results as defined by our costumers, taking into account institutional processes and procedures, maintaining flexibility towards a changing environment. Social, economic and environmental sustainability remains a key principle for the outcome of our services

Company Strategy

Our main areas of advice are the facilitation of organizational processes and management, formulation, monitoring and evaluation as well as the analysis of processes of social and environmental change. Our business strategy is to stay small and targeted, taking advantage of network resources and close partnerships, and thereby maintain a cost efficient and high quality profile.

Our services include:

  • Analysis and Operational Recommendations of Impact and Responses to Climate Change: Vulnerability, Risk, Adaptation and Mitigation 

  • Design, Planning, Monitoring and Medium Term Review and Final Evaluation of Programs and Projects, incl. the Institutionalization of Lessons Learned 

  • Project Management Training and Facilitation of Organizational Change Processes


Our experiences range from the analysis of social impact of climate change for indigenous peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean, Sub-Saharan and North Africa and Middle East (for the World Bank), facilitation, research and analysis with governments, social partners, economic sectors and Multilateral Development Banks, to assistance in the planning of socio-environmental and monitoring of the use and protection of natural resources, such as agro-biodiversity, rangelands and forest areas. We strive to integrate a methodologically stringent approach to the social, cultural, environmental and economic assets in our work, where appropriate.


F7 works with governments and other stakeholders in developing countries, andagencies including

– Multilateral, incl. The Inter-American Development Bank; the World Bank; The United Nations, and the GEF, the NDF and the European Union.
– Bilateral agencies like the Danish and Norwegian Development Assistance (Danida and Norad);
– NGOs like Forests of the World
– Private Companies: Mannaz, CGG-Veritas, Ramboll, NIRAS, NCG, NORDECO, INYPSA, AGRECO, GRONTMIJ
– Public Administration: State, municipal and local entities of 15+ countries. Geological Services for Denmark and Greenland, Copenhagen Municipality.

Country Experiences

Africa: Egypt, Ghana, Mozambique, Tunisia
Asia y Middle East: Malaysia, Oman, Syria
Latin America and the Caribbean: Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Honduras, Ecuador, Guatemala, México, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru


Founded in 2008, F7 is the property and being administered entirely by Jakob Kronik.